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Minutes Gen’l Mtg – November 14, 2017

President Pat Melendes called the meeting to order at 5:10 p.m. Following recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, Pat thanked the following volunteers: Bartenders, Joe Melendes and David John and Avis Bennett, Donna Davidson, and Shirley John, who kept the snack table supplied. New members were introduced and welcomed–Nick and Carol Klein, Sam Autry and Sandra Lena, and Daria Brewer. There were 147 members in attendance, 74 for dinner and 73 who left after the meeting.

A motion was made by Patti Kirk, seconded by Kay Williams, to approved the October minutes as posted. Motion passed.

Treasurer Bud Armstrong reported that the club’s current bank balance is $25,975.

Jack Hagel said that the table tennis group had a good summer, with plenty of players for at least two tables of doubles.

Butch Lynd, platform tennis, said that the numbers are growing slowly. They play every day except Sunday, 7-8:30 a.m. Lessons are given on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. with play until 5 p.m.

Volleyball is played in the Surprise gym Wednesdays and Fridays from 8-10 a.m. There is always room for players and they welcome them. Contact Mike Kosanda for information.

Mal Jacobson announced that the red team, captioned by Dottie Whitesell, won the recent Team Tennis event. She said that the courts will be washed before Swing into Spring. Dave Bennett will use a sweeper to dust the courts. The Kuentz courts are being washed this week. Construction on the new courts will begin, hopefully, April 1. All of the courts except some of the platform courts will be closed due to heavy equipment being brought down onto the courts, causing a liability issue. Rec Centers new money will become available in July to continue with the rest of the courts, the second phase. Total closure should be about six months. Our new court, designated #16 is open for play, so give it a try. There will be a parade for the 40th anniversary of SCW on February 19, in which we will participate. Volunteers are needed to decorate golf carts. We have a convertible which will also be used. We need a badminton net to use in the parade for marchers to hit balls back and forth. Contact Mal, MaryAnn Kennedy, and/or Janet Simcic to help.

The next Pebble Creek mixer will be Sunday, December 10, and we are the hosts. Check-in at Johnson is 1:30 p.m. Each club has 18 players, all levels. Snacks and beverages will follow play.

Beryl Braaten, Sunshine Lady, reminded everyone to notify her of any illness, hospitalization, or even worse so that she can send a card from the club.

Sandy Johnson thanked the captains of the teams at last week’s Team Tennis social event: Butch Lynd, blue; George Orchard, white; Dan Mesch, green; and Dottie Whitesell, red, the winners. Snacks and beverages were enjoyed after play. Ron Gliot photographed each group. Sandy needs captains to volunteer for the next event, four teams, four captains. The date is January 20. Sandy informed us of a rather different racquet that is double strung and is very forgiving, especially for rim shots…those will stay on the court…Sandy herself will guarantee it! Check it out if you are interested…Google “Blackburne Double Strung.” She wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Dan Mesch, membership, said that as of last Sunday we have 176 members for 2018, ten of which are new. Our goal is over 400! He had dues envelopes with him and they are in the tower as well. Please get your payment is as soon as possible. He informed us of a growing game all over the country, Masters Tennis. This is especially popular in NY and FL. We have put on a couple of demos and there is definite interest shown. We have permission from the Rec Centers to paint courts one, two, and three at Kuentz, and this will be done in the next couple of weeks. This is especially popular in senior communities. Re the upcoming Club Championships, Dan has been running this free event for several years; all you need is to set up your own games at your convenience and furnish your own balls. More info will be on MyGrove. Signup will begin on January 13 in the tower.

Carl Braaten, our Indian Wells leader, has had a couple of cancellations, so there is room for two couples and one single; there are four rooms at the Holiday Inn reserved also. Talk to Carl as soon as you can if interested. The tickets have been paid for. Dates are March 12, 13, 14, 2018. The bus leaves from the Johnson parking lot at 7 a.m. Cost is $950/double, $675/single. This includes reserved seating at the tennis complex, room, bus, and a daily buffet breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express.

Diane Hashem, Swing into Spring tournament director, announced the dates;, March 21-25, 2018. This year the dinner will be on Wednesday at Palm Ridge, with cocktails at 5 p.m. This year the entry fee is $20 for singles, $40 doubles team. The fundraising events will continue this year also, with the 100 ball drop, $20 to purchase one ball. First prize is $750, second prize is $250. Proceeds will support the tennis club. Donations will be welcomed for the silent auction at the dinner. URGENT: A volunteer is needed to handle the draw at the tournament. This is a very important job. Please volunteer so that you can work with the outgoing people to learn the ropes.

MaryAnn Kennedy, designated as our parade coordinator, asked people to give their ideas to the chairpersons for tennis, platform tennis, volleyball, and table tennis. Each sport should have two golf carts decorated and they should coordinate the colors within their group (matching shirts, etc.). She needs a drum major to lead our groups, as well as two or three cheerleaders. See her with ideas or to volunteer. The table tennis group needs a leader.

Ron Wambach spoke to us about the naming rights for the courts; the committee has been working hard to get a sponsor. He was most happy to report that Memo’s has agreed to a five year contract; this will result in a $20,000 windfall to the club! They are working with other sources also. This will take effect next July, Ron said to please support Memo’s and be sure to let them know you are a member of the tennis club. Their food is good. They have been very generous to us, beginning with Swing into Spring. New signage will be installed when the new courts are completed. The beautiful and functional new score posts were made in great part by Dave Toepel, one of our members, in the Metal Club. The Kuentz courts will also get these.

Bud Armstrong gave his annual Luminarias for Luke plea. Be generous and send him a check for $20, payable to the SCW Prides, which will support the Prides and provide luminaria kits to military families at Luke AFB. This is tax deductible. They are on sale now at Bob Variety here in SCW.

The December 4 Christmas dinner dance at Briarwood features salmon or ribs. There are some tables with six people, leaving room for two more at these. Call Phyllis Schott for information. Fourteen tables arte filled with eight people each. Sid Engel will provide the music with his trio. Don’t miss it.

Election of officers took place, with the following slate: Ron Wambach, president; Lee Hoag, vice president; Beverly Bormann, secretary; Bud Armstrong, treasurer. It was moved and seconded that we close the nominations by Joe Melendes and seconded by Patti Kirk. By voice vote, there were all yeas and no nays. Motion passed.

Approval of the sports chairs was unanimous, as follows: Mal Jacobson, tennis; Butch Lynd, platform tennis; Mike Kosanda, volleyball; and Jack Hagel, table tennis.

Don Marine discussed Masters Tennis, describing how popular it is in FL, even exceeding pickle ball. Dan Mesch will send out messages on MyGrove with more information after the holidays, after which the Kuentz courts should be lined for the game.

Rom Wambach said that there will be a practice board set up on court 16, probably by July, Also, we need hostesses for the dinners for the March, April, and September meetings. He suggested that captains of groups get their people to pitch in and take on this job. No volunteers, no food!

Karen Kirkman was so pleased to tell us that $290 had been collected for the 50-50 raffle. This will net the club $145, with winners Mary Jo Coughlin and Dan Mesch each collecting $72.50.

Mal thanked Pat for serving as president this year. Pat thanked all of the club’s volunteers.

The meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Beverly Bormann, Secretary

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Minutes – Genl Mtg – October 10, 2017

President Pat Melendes called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m. following an update by Karl Wilhelm, Project Superintendent, on the court construction project. She thanked the many volunteers for their generous help for the evening, as follows: Bartenders Ray Kirk and Joe Melendes; Avis Bennett, snacks; Sid Engel for providing the music; and the dinner arrangements by the Friday Swingers tennis team members. Raffle tickets were sold by Sandy Johnson and Darlene Camillo. There were 133 attendees, 107 who stayed for dinner and 26 who left after the meeting. There were a few visitors also, who are thinking about joining the club.

Karl expects the plans for the court work will be finished by October 13. The lowest bid, AFTER APPROVAL, will be chosen. Work will commence the first or second week of April. He asked for our patience. Phase 1, when completed, will be followed by Phase 2, when approved. The Governing Board is in agreement with these plans. There will be no maintenance on the courts until then, unless it is a safety issue.

Motion by Patti Kirk, seconded by Marion Forsyth, to approve the September minutes as posted; motion passed.

Bud Armstrong, treasurer, gave a comprehensive report; our current net worth is $12,844. The total cost of our new court, 16, was $76,647; we have paid $33,000; still owing $43,647. We owe the Rec Centers $5,000 annually. We presently have $3,050 in our court fund, so we are good until 2019.

Sandy Johnson reported that the next Team Tennis will be Saturday, November 11, and it is friendly competition. This is a good way to meet new people. It is the usual format, with four teams of three levels. There will be three rounds of eight games each, no ad scoring. Needed are 28 women and 28 men. This is FREE, with tennis balls provided, as well as snacks, beer, wine and soda. Volunteering to serve as captains were Butch Lynd; Dan Mesch, Margit Rubendunst, and George Orchard.

Karen Kirkman, Publicity, needs a reporter to take over the Rec Center News monthly article. Bev Bormann volunteered to do this.

Dan Mesch informed everyone about Master Tennis, a hot item in the USTA. There was a demo of this game a couple of weeks ago and many people showed up to play and watch. This is a low impact game played with a low compression ball and a shorter racquet (a regular tennis racquet can certainly be used). The court is marked off to be 60 feet rather than 78 on a regulation court, so there is a lot less ground to cover, great for people suffering with bad hips and knees. There will be a chance to play at the October 28 Wind Up, so be sure to sign up in the tower. Get info online about this fun game; it has really caught on in FL and NY. Just Google Master Tennis. Envelopes for 2018 dues are in the tower.

Carl Braaten asked everyone who is signed up for the Indian Wells trip to please pay him by check; he needs money! Send your check to his home or hand it to him when you see him.

Diane Hashem, Swing into Spring Tournament Director, reminded us of the dates, March 21-25, Wednesday through Sunday. Cost this year will be $20 for singles, $40 for doubles teams. She can always use volunteers.

Mike Kosanda, reporting on Volleyball, said that play will start up again October 25. Call him with any questions. Most of their players are snowbirds. MyGrove will have information also.

Butch Lynd, Platform Tennis, said that the Wednesday afternoon play has started; they play from 3:30-5 p.m. with lessons first and then play. Equipment is provided.

Mal Jacobson, Tennis Rep, thanked Todd Patty for filling in the open spaces on court 16 on all four sides. Russ Boston has fixed the problem with the gates scraping the surface. Two benches are now on the court. A ball holder will be installed. Ron Wambach has been working hard on the score posts at the Johnson courts and they are wonderful. They are installed on some of the courts. Dave Bennett is working on two new clocks that will work. They will not be mounted now due to the upcoming court construction. We need volunteers for the parade celebrating the SCW 40th Anniversary. This will be February 19, 2018, and Mal asked for young blood, with good ideas. Sign up to help. Mary Anne Kennedy is running our part of the event.

Janet Simcic said there will be no November Pebble Creek mixer; the next one will be either December or January. She is hoping for new people to take part, and the event will be here. Happy Camp will be the second, third and fourth weeks of March. This is great fun for the visiting grandkids. Tennis, table tennis, and platform tennis will all take part. The fundraising golf tournament will be Sunday, February 11. This brings in a lot of money for the club. Offer to volunteer.

Ron Wambach is chairmen of the nominating committee, consisting of Lindsay Davidson, Janet Simcic, and Butch Lynd. Lee Hoag has agreed to be the nominee for vice president, with Bud and Bev volunteering to continue in their existing positions. We have picked up a new sponsor with a generous donation of $500, to be divided between Swing into Spring and the golf tournament. It is the PFA TOUR Superstore, 7360 W. Bell, Glendale. Ron said it is a great place, loaded with merchandise. They are introducing tennis into their line, so pay them a visit and be sure to let them know you are a SCW tennis player and/or golfer. Ron reminded us that the 2017 Desert Tennis Open featuring wheelchair tennis needs volunteers. It is at the Phoenix Tennis Center, November 17-19. Ron can offer any information needed. If you are using the Kuentz courts, BE SURE to sign in! Numbers count; we want to keep those courts.

Be sure to sign up in the tower for the October 28 Wind UP, featuring tennis, platform tennis, and Master Tennis. Equipment will be provided for the Master Tennis. Dinner follows at Tivoli Gardens; cost if $17, ALL inclusive (even dessert). There will be a good choice of entrees.

Pat said that we need a volunteer for the table tennis part of the February parade, as Jack Hagel said he is too busy to undertake this. Mal, Butch, and Mike Kosanda will head up tennis, platform tennis, and volleyball. Each sport should enter a decorated golf cart. Mary Anny Kennedy will have a short meeting after this meeting with these chairpersons. It is important to get enough volunteers. Mary Anne has a lot of enthusiasm; she has done this twice before so knows the routine.

The December dinner dance tickets will be sold in November for tables of eight. This will take place at Briarwood CC. There should be a captain for each table.

The Newcomers Coffee will be November 2, 9 a.m.-noon, in the social hall. There will be 46 clubs there to hand out information. We are not taking part this year.

Ron announced that we need dinner hosts for March, April, and September of next year. No hosts, no meal!

Kathy Krezel reminded us of the SCG Shine in the Sun tournament November 15-19. Let’s support them, and they will support us!

Karen announced the winning tickets for the 50-50 raffle. The total collection was $228. The club gets $114. Avis Bennett and Tom Hashem each won $57. Karen suggested that anyone wishing to donate their winnings to the club should do so “on the sly.” No one should feel obligated to do this.

A motion was made by Mal Jacobson, seconded by Hazel Swailes, to adjourn the meeting at 6 p.m. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitte3d, Beverly Bormann, Secretary

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Tennis Club Monthly Meeting / Catered Dinner – October 10

The Tennis Club’s monthly meeting will be Tuesday, October 10 in the RHJ Social Hall starting at 4:30 p.m. for Social time; followed at 5:15 with the General Meeting; and a catered dinner at 6:00 p.m.
Menu: (Catered by Oregapo’s)
Classic House Salad with Choice of Dressings
Bola – Spaghetti with meat sauce
Garlic Bread

The cost is $7.50 per person. Deadline for reservations is 10:00 a.m. Friday, October 5. Sign up in the tower with your check made payable to SCW Tennis Club.

Dinner Contacts are: Pat Melendes and Judy Johnson. Tell them Thank You for arranging the dinner when you see them.

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Services – Rocquie O’Rourke

Service for Rocquie O’Rourke will be Saturday, September 30 at 1:00 p.m. at Radiant Church, 15522 W. Paradise Lane, Surprise. Refreshments will be available right after the service.

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Minutes SCW Tennis Club – Sept. 12, 2017

President Pat Melendes called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, after which Pat thanked the many meeting volunteers who offered their services, as follows: Snacks, Avis Bennett with help from Pat; bartenders Joe Melendes and Ray Kirk; and the dinner organizers headed by Pat and Joey Niblock, Elaine Reed, Dottie Whitesell, Hazel Swailes, Sharon Jones, Sandy Johnson, and Anne Baumhover. Those collecting money for the 50-50 raffle were Sandy Johnson, Darlene Camillo, and Dottie Whitesell. Note that some of these people volunteered in more than one activity! There were 83 members present, 18 who left after the meeting and 65 who stayed to socialize and dine.

New members were introduced and welcomed: John Lemma from WA and Sandy and Nick Gruin from NC. We are always happy to see new faces in the club.

A motion was made by Butch Lynd, seconded by Patti Kirk, to approve the May minutes as posted. Motion passed.

Treasurer Bud Armstrong was not present, so Pat offered the pertinent financial facts. From 1/1/2017 through 9/4/2017 our total inflow was $30,486; outflow was $55,965. Our current net worth is $11,907.

The next Wind-Up will be held October 28. We will have a private room at Tivoli Gardens for our after-tennis dinner. This will be a full meal including dessert and beverage. A flyer will be out next week, which will have the price.

Beryl Flathman, Sunshine Lady, reminded everyone to be sure to let her know if you know of a person who would appreciate a card of support for one reason or another.

Sandy Johnson, Team Tennis, reported on our next event, November 11, which may be a bit iffy right now. The court construction, which has yet to begin, will tie up eight-nine courts, which will greatly reduce the number of tennis players. If the November date falls through, the next one will be in January. Nothing is definite at this time. Stay tuned!

Dan Mesch, Membership, said that our membership operating year starts now until the end of May. As of now, we have 457 paid members for 2017, 56 of them new. The dues envelopes are in the tower, so sign up and write your check. Make sure the envelope says 2018 and that it is a renewal. He then discussed the game of Masters Tennis, which has been played for years, and very successfully, in FL. The court is 60 feet rather than the regular tennis court length, with nine feet off each side. A low compression ball is used and either a junior tennis racquet or your own, chocked down on, to make it seem like a 25″ racquet. Painters’ tape can easily be used to mark the lines. We are planning a demo at Johnson on Sunday, September 24, at 9 a.m., which will include an opportunity to try it out. There is info on this on the internet…just use Google or Bing. He will send out a blast about this on MyGrove. Be sure to use MyGrove for anything about club activities and upcoming events. It is a valuable resource. Sixty percent of our members are using it. Be sure Dan has your email address. Ron Gliot, from the floor, said not to forget platform tennis, another short game which is great for those who can’t get around a regular tennis court and also for those who can!

Bill Elledge, Web Master, said that our web site is up and running, so go there to read minutes and be up-to-date on club news, among other things. The Monday and Wednesday evening tennis 6:30 is operating.

Carl Braaten is ready to collect money for the 2018 Indian Wells tennis tournament trip. Send your check to Carl; cost is $950 double, $675 single.

In the absence of Janet Simcic, Lindsay Davidson reported that the next Pebble Creek mixer will be in mid-November. A sign-up sheet will be in the tower. They would love to have some new people participate. All levels are played, both men and women.

Jack Hagel, table tennis, said there was shortage of players this summer and they averaged about eight people daily. They have practice machines but these need to be set up for use. When they didn’t have access to their room due to the swimming pool construction they tried to play in SC but that didn’t work out.

Butch Lynd, platform tennis, said that in October they will move play to 6:30-8:00 from the current 6:00-7:30. Wednesday, October 4, the 3:30-5:00 lesson/play session will resume. Equipment is always available. Their numbers are running ahead of previous years for summer play. They have lots of fun and the players are friendly, sunny group! Give it a try.

Mal Jacobson, tennis rep, was pleased to report that on many days the courts are half full. A sign at Kuentz had said that three courts at a time were going to be worked on but that is not true. The sign will be removed. This is a future project. Whey you have balls that are well used, make sure that the court score posts have four balls in them, and then deposit them into the barrels next to the sign-in desk under the tower. Mal thanked Lee Hoag for redesigning the Kuentz bulletin board. At Johnson, we have a new clock. While the wiring is inside, the hands on the clock are outside in the elements and the time is rarely correct; she has called this to the attention of the Rec Centers. The court construction project has no start date at this time. Hopefully this work will begin the end of October or November. This could affect Swing into Spring. We will just have to wait and see how this plays out.

From the floor, Margit Rubendunst was kind enough to thank Beverly Bormann for serving as secretary for many years. A round of applause followed.

Ron Wambach announced his nominating committee…Butch Lynd, Lindsay Davidson, and Janet Simcic. Contact any of them if you or someone you know might like to serve as vice president. He reminded all of us to try to use our Swing into Spring sponsors and to let them know that you are with the tennis club and appreciate their support. They are all listed in our 2017 directory. The 2017 Desert Tennis Open (wheelchair tennis) is being held at the Phoenix Tennis Center November 17-19. They always need volunteers, so give them a hand if you are able. Possibly we may be able to get them to put on a demonstration during Swing into Spring.

Pat announced that our community turns 40 next year, with a big celebration planned by the Rec Centers. We will participate in the parade and Pat has solicited Mary Ann Kennedy to be the director. She did a great job a few years ago. Contact Jack Hagel, table tennis; Butch Lynd, Platform tennis: and Mal Jacobson, Tennis, with any ideas or suggestions about how our club might present ourselves in the parade. Golf carts are needed for participation. Large signs should identify each sport. Two to three convertibles are needed to bring up the rear of each group. Everyone should carry their weapon of choice (tennis racquet, platform paddle, tabled tennis paddle). The parade date is February 19. Mary Ann will meet with the chairmen of the groups next month before our meeting. Get thinking, everyone, and come up with some neat ideas. The 50-50 raffle sale brought in $191.00 in total, with $95.50 going to the club and $95.50 split between Kay Williams and Mary Morris, who both generously donated their winnings back to the club.

A motion was made by Joe Melendes, seconded by Butch Lynd, that the meeting adjourn at 6:10 p.m. Motion passed

Respectfully submitted, Beverly Bormann, Secretary

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Monday & Wednesday Evening Tennis

Monday and Wednesday evening tennis at RHJ will resume Monday, September 11, 2017 on Courts 8, 9, 14, & 15 starting at 6:30 p.m. Come on down and have some fun.

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Gen’l Mtg – Tuesday, Sept. 12 – RHJ Social Hall

Hi Tennis Club members. It has been almost 4 months since the official tennis season downsized with lots of members going to cooler places. It is now getting a little cooler here in SCW and clubs will resume their normal activities. So here goes: Tuesday, Sept. 12 Social Time starts at 4:30 p.m.; followed by the meeting at 5:15 AND the best part – a catered meal after the general meeting. Menu: 3″ Boar’s Head Sub with ham, turkey, salami, cheese and lettuce. Toppings of tomato, onion, mustard and/or mayo will be available. A Vegetarian Sub can also be made IF REQUESTED. Included with the meal will be Cole Slaw, Chips, Brownie Bites, and coffee. Cost of the meal is $6.50 per person. Sign up in the RHJ Tower along with your check made payable to the SCW Tennis Club. Please indicate on the sign-up sheet if you would like a Vegetarian Sub. The cut-off date to sign up is Thursday, September 7 at 10:00 a.m.

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